seasonal flower share

Between the months of May and October, a wide range of specialty cut flowers are grown here at the farm on Morrison Road in Springvale. For the first time, a flower share will be offered in Spring and Summer of 2020. Every other week for 8 weeks (a total of 4 bouquets), a lush, paper-wrapped market bouquet will be delivered to a central location on a pre-determined day of the week for pickup.

Chose from two groups – A and B – and your bouquets will alternate every other week. If you’d like 8 weeks of flowers, once a week, select both groups A and B and you’ll get a bonus 9th week of flowers as a thank you from me. But I know that flowers can sometimes be a luxury, but I also think that it’s nice to splurge a little bit, so this works for folks on a budget. We have a limited number of shares and they will be available until they’ve all been reserved. Gift cards are available with all the information on them!

flower delivery

Delivery of custom arrangements to suit your occasion and budget can be made to Springvale, Sanford, Shapleigh, Acton, Alfred, and the Portland area (for a small fee). Email or call/text 503.459.8386 to inquire.

From the months of October through April, flowers are sourced from American growers in warmer growing zones, or those here in Maine with season extension capabilities. Some day we’ll have heated greenhouses, but not just yet!