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In June of 2019, Diadem Flower Co. moved down the road to a beautiful farmhouse built in 1852.  The little we know is that it it was built by Abram Morrison and his wife Isabella Stanley Morrison. He was listed in the census as a farmer. Our bit of it is 10 acres, but we know it was a lot bigger than that to begin with. Abram and Isabella, as well as a handful of other close family members are buried on the property under a beautiful apple tree on top of a hill. We’re glad they are there. We think of them often as we make decisions for the land or the house and we wonder what their lives were like here.  I wish there was more recorded so that I could know them and this place a little better.  But maybe that will reveal itself over the years.  For now we are happy to steward the Morrison Farm while it’s our time to live here. Currently the farm is not open to the public, although please reach out via email if you have a question or idea.

Below you’ll find posts about what’s growing, weddings, farm plans, travel, and more. Have a look around and be in touch if you have questions or if we can help!