5 weeks…

That’s the date my calendar shows as the first date we start seeding cold hardy annuals around here. Just 5 weeks. To build a germination chamber, set up shelving in the basement and hang all of my grow lights, to do all of the math and geometry involved in planning the rows and numbers of plants going in this year. I seriously can’t wait. I am so excited. Last year’s seeding was far more successful than the year before, but was also tempered by not knowing if I was going to plant in Portland or somewhere else. And this year, I can’t even get my head around the amount of space and possibility I have.

I took stock of all of the seed that I have from past years and all of the seed that I ordered for this year and I’ll just tell you that this is going to be the MOST AMAZING year on this farm. I have no doubt I will face some annoying challenges out there, but nothing so big as “hey, how do I make a planting field out of quack grass and neglect and no heavy equipment?” That nearly wrecked me this year. I think I’ll shelve that conversation for a 2019 wrap us post in a couple of weeks. I’m too excited right now and all of that reminiscing just stresses me out.

I’ve added a couple of important things to our 2020 plan. Both of which are ways to sustain operations around this place. The first is a Flower Share program, set up as a Community Supported Agriculture program (or CSA). You sign up to be a partner – a shareholder – in this farm. In return, you’re offered 4, 8, 12, or 16 (with a couple of bonus weeks) bouquets of flowers starting in May and wrapping up in September. The money that comes in from that pays for seed starting soils, compost, seeds, bulbs, a mini greenhouse situation for baby plants, and other operational costs. I’d love your help getting the word out about that if you have a moment to tell a friend in the Portland to Sanford area.

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The second thing I’ve added is an a la carte option for Weddings. I’ve been contacted by brides who have a more constrained budget who would love to be able to purchase their flowers locally, but aren’t able to invest in a full scale design option. I love that bride. I am that bride. I can totally help that bride. So one way to do it is to just buy things from the a la carte menu, and then we’ll chat about what will be happening in the field at that time and if you have any strong preferences. The parameters are pretty clear on the page and I am so happy to chat and answer questions about any of it if you have them. This is in addition to the full scale wedding designs that we offer and have lined up in 2020 already. So if you’d like to chat more about that option as well, I’d love to. You can start a quote here if that’s for you.

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There are big chunks of ice falling off the roof right now and I can hear some sort of hawk screeching outside the window. The pipes froze last night, my husband turned 49, and jet lag from our amazing two weeks in Japan still has us by the neck. I think I’ll build a fire and watch some Great British Baking Show with the rest of my Sunday afternoon. Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend as well.

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