i love a plan

Hello from just below freezing! It’s been a bitterly cold and windy couple of days here on the farm, but it looks like temperatures will creep up and become a little more reasonable over the next couple of days. I’m okay with regular winter (sort of), but I am not okay with Extreme Winter™.

The cold has given me a bit of time to sort out a few things that I was procrastinating pretty well! One of them is a CSA style bouquet share. This will be our first year trying it, and we’ll see how it goes, but our plan is to do 2 Spring groups and 2 Summer groups alternating every other week, so that if you want flowers every week, you can get both and you’re all set. I’ll even throw in a 9th bouquet to say thank you! There’s more information about that right here if you’d like to see.

Planning this little program has meant really clearly assessing what flowers we’re growing here in the Spring and in the Summer so that I can add varieties if I need to and make sure the timing will all work out. Nothing like having 40 shares ready one week and 0 shares the next week! I looked through our daffodils, tulips, peonies, lisianthus, hardy annuals, and just a minute ago I started to take good stock of our dahlias.

My plan for 2021 is to have an entire dedicated field of hundreds of dahlias. Which is a big leap from where we were last year. Building tuber stock without going into dahlia debt is the goal (and part of why a CSA program is so important for small growers and producers). But that all starts with knowing where we are. And these are the incredible beauties that are on deck for next year so far. I’ll likely be doubling the number of varieties before the tuber buying season is out, so look for “i love a plan, part 2” in a few months!

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