hitting our stride

To hit one’s stride, to achieve a regular or steady pace or course. To reach the point or level at which one functions most competently and consistently. It sounds so nice, doesn’t it? I remember a few times in my life when I felt like I had hit my stride. It never lasts long for me, either by my own doing, or life’s, but I do remember the feeling. And that’s what I wish for most right now. To hit a stride that is consistent and self-generating. Not exactly a perpetual motion machine, but pretty close to.

For the last few years, and especially the last few months, it has been a constant stream of fits and starts. Of coastal adjustment, and community shock, and career redirection, etc. It’s our version of homesick, maybe. We miss things and people that are familiar when too many things come at us at once. And I think I’m missing my community of home coast friends especially right now. I did warn you that Autumn is a melancholy time for me.

I had my third facial skin cancer procedure two days ago, which was my first actual surgery, so I’ve had to sit still a lot more than I normally do this past 36 hours. It’s nothing too serious, and all part of the flavor profile of being redheaded, but it’s still annoying. How lucky am I to be annoyed though, right? Sit in a chair for 2 hours while a set of highly skilled professionals deftly handle something that would have been life-threatening at the time that the house I’m writing from was built. How lucky to be annoyed.

We’ll hit our stride. It might be next year, it might be the one after that, but we will. For now, the fits and starts have brought us this farm, two incredible weddings in September, one more coming up in October, and dahlia plants that defied all odds and are beginning to offer up blooms assuring me of healthy tuber growth belowdecks. Frost cloth is over most of the fragile little things tonight and I’m hopeful that the rest of it will manage to withstand the overnight snap.

If you’re enduring fits and starts of your own, I guess I have one little bit of experience to share: take one more step. Just the one. Rest if you must, but don’t sit down in despair for too long. And when take that one, then you can take the next. And the next. And sooner or later, you’ll hit your stride. And wear your sunscreen.

On a business note, we’re just starting to set our 2020 wedding calendar, so if you’d like to have a conversation about your celebration, make sure to visit the weddings page and be in touch!

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