wait, august??

How does this happen every year? We climb through the depths of winter and second winter (some regions call this season “spring”) and just as we’re thawing out and the summer solstice is upon us we turn around and mid august is pushing us downhill and september is waiting at the bottom with what looks like a pointy stick.

Things are coming along around this farm. Long days of clearing and digging and mowing and chopping have begun to shape things in a significant way. Flowers are growing in the field, although they are few and far between, but there’s still time. I was getting good flowers through the second week of October last year, so we may see some abundance yet.

We found a mature peach tree suffocating in the middle of a pretty impressive grove of Hawthorn trees and potentially angering the fairies (not the kind with wings, the real Irish kind that you don’t want to piss off) we cut the whole grove down and freed those peaches. I checked them yesterday and they are starting to pink up and with any luck we’ll have a little crop in a few weeks. I don’t know how peaches grow so we’ll let them teach me in their own time.

The whole experience of this farm and move so far is one of anticipation, I guess. Of knowing what is possible if the results go the way we hope they will with our stewardship. And in particular for me, a feeling of anticipation for two very special weddings coming up in early September. I can’t honestly say I’m nervous. I’m just really excited. I’ve been studying and practicing and learning as much as I can. I got all sorted out with a few local growers so that I won’t be stuck when my flowers are all blooming in October and not September. I’ve registered for a two-day online summit of some of my favorite floral design professionals. I’ve ordered vases and urns and supplies. The last thing I need to do is sit down and be very specific about my recipes per arrangement and then place the wholesale orders. That part I’ve been stalling, but I think tomorrow morning is the time. Good coffee, morning quiet, and a bit of focus before I go outside and weed or dig rocks or something else equally glamorous.

Here are a bunch of photos from around here lately. Hanz calls it paradise.

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