one month in

Let’s start with the accomplishments. Not as a way to self congratulate, although I have no problem with a person acknowledging her own accomplishments, but rather as a way to remind myself of exactly how much has been completed as I stare down the seemingly endless list of things to do. Honestly? We’re getting there.

With the exception of the clothes in my closet and half of the clothes in my husband’s closet, we have moved everything out of the Portland house. Not only that, but there are precious few boxes still packed up. My office is a nightmare of boxes, but this is not office season anyway. The dining room is awaiting a china hutch before we unpack the good china and glassware. Otherwise, the kitchen came together today finally, the living room finished up over the weekend, the family room will always be a work in progress, but it was finished first, and the guest rooms/our room are solid places for people to sleep. I managed to paint 80% of the miles of trim in the master bedroom area yesterday so that gets us closer to the finish line on that project.

The pool is critter free and a color that looks like you can swim in it! We’re still working on vacuuming out the last bit of the two inch layer of leaf and needle sediment – we have to do it in small runs because it pumps right out into the field instead of through the filter and we don’t want to drain the pool that much. This morning we went out and could see to the bottom finally! Which means it’s clearing. We still have a way to go, but I think it’s possible that by late this week, we could be enjoying the water.

We procured a riding lawnmower which is ridiculously fun. It’s possible I may change my mind after the millionth time mowing, but right now I’m happy to just pop in my earbuds and drive around in circles. We also were able to find someone to till the first flower field on this property. Being out there in the early morning to watch the first cut of ground was a pretty wonderful feeling. Two hours later, I had a turned field! After letting it sit for a week to settle the grass root a bit, I rolled out my irrigation and started planting. Today we got almost all of the rest of the existing seedlings in the ground before the rain started up. I may go out tomorrow again to put the rest in. I don’t mind planting in the rain. Might be the Seattle in me.

There are new discoveries every day here, still. Monarch caterpillars, massive monarda patches, echinops, green coneflower, lilies, verbascum. Someone very clearly had pollinators and hummingbirds in mind when they designed the landscape and I am almost as grateful as the pollinators. And the house is feeling a little bit more like home to me. Which is the big one, I guess. This has been a difficult move for me. I know it’s the right move, but it hasn’t yet felt like home in the way that our Portland house *instantly* felt like home. And I can see that the circumstances of my life 3 years ago were very different than now and a place to call home was intensely important, so that house holds so many things for me. It was a place of enormous joy and healing. I’m grateful for that for those years. And I know this house will also feel like home soon. It’s just hard to leave a thing you love for the possibility of an even greater love. This is not the first time that I have left my home in search of a place with more opportunity. And my ancestors, and likely your ancestors, and humans all over the world did or are doing just that same thing under much more difficult circumstances..

There are no flowers right now. Okay, there are probably about 10 flowers, but they’re on my mantel. Which feels ridiculous. I run a flower farm with no flowers. But there will be. There will be so many flowers. Beautiful, thoughtfully planted, planned, tended, curated flowers. And there will be so much more. I can’t wait for it to be ready for you to visit. I’ll keep you posted on the field as it begins to really root. The plants out there are looking a LOT happier than they did for the last while. Give them a couple of more weeks and I think we’ll be somewhere. And in the meantime, if you would help me spread the word, in Maine and afar, I’d appreciate it. I’d love to widen my net so that these beauties have somewhere to go when they come out of the fields! You can recommend the page on facebook, or you can send people to my instagram. I’d love either one!

Tomorrow I’ll pick up 300ft of deer fence, collect some pallets to make a compost bin, finish planting the seedlings, direct seed some late succession Hail Marys, maybe move my clothes from the Portland house (but let’s be honest, I wear the same pair of grubby jeans and a tank top every day so I’m not really missing them), and paint the last of the trim in the master rooms. And then we’ll be that many things closer to the end of the list!

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