life comes at you fast

Some adjustment periods are a little more aggressive than others, aren’t they? This current one is relentless. I think I’ve probably hit my breaking point 6 times already, and every time it pushes it a little bit further out of reach, which in some ways, I guess, is good. It is Day 5 here on the farm and Days 1 and 2 were pretty rough. We were tired, but the cats were actively distraught. Molly decided her best chance at survival was up in the chimney built in 1851.

Thankfully we’re all back to our very strange ways now and I think we’re going to adjust to new normal. As soon as I can get the smell of the horrid latex paint that they used to paint the house before they showed it. Holy cow. It has been 2 months and the chemical smell in this place is overwhelming still. I’ve read that sliced onions in rooms can help. And vinegar. And baking soda. So essentially I need to make pickles in each room and we’ll be fine. I’m not above trying it.

Still trying to figure out a key component of this whole thing, which is getting the small patch of ground that I need for this season tilled. It’s going to take a tractor and I forgot to pack mine. I’ve made a few inquiries at the hardware store and through the farm bureau, but so far it’s been radio silence. Here’s hoping today solves it.

We have pool visitors by the thousands, and farm visitors by the handful. Each are adorable and somewhat unwelcome.

Right now, I’ll admit to feeling a bit of season panic. I’m losing seedlings daily as they wait for their spot in the ground and many of them are spoken for this autumn for weddings. I know there are plenty of growers nearby with flowers enough for those events, but I hate to see these ones go to waste after the time and effort put into getting them where they are. But I guess this is a big part of growing. You can never predict the outcome. You can only do each step with intent and excellence and leave the rest alone. It’s a bit like a meditation in that way. Possibly why I’ve learned to love it so much. I have splurged on a massage today because I am hurting from all of the house cleaning, packing, moving, plant tending. And then I’ll be able to make some sense of the chaos a little better than I am right now.

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