it’s official

We are moving.

After 3 years in this beautiful little 1921 four square in Portland’s newly popular Nason’s Corner neighborhood, we are taking up anchor and sailing down the road 35 miles to a 10 acre farm built in 1851 that needs a bit of love, but gives me a chance to expand this little business in the right direction.

The timing couldn’t be worse. I’ll be honest. My husband and I produce a folk festival in Portland that is only in its second year. It loses money at an alarming rate and we personally have been keeping it afloat. On musicians salaries (snort). And it is in 3 days. We close the purchase of the farm 5 days after that. Our current house lists for sale another 5 days after that. So, photos, cleaning, moving, painting, etc. Did I mention that my husband released a new album this year and will be leaving for three weeks of touring 2 days after the festival?


Right. Yes. It’ll be fine. Not because of some Deus ex machina. But because we will make it happen. It’s the exact right thing at the exact wrong time. And sometimes you don’t get everything you need in the right order.

So this is a post of announcement, I guess. We’re moving to Springvale in a week, this is the last year of the festival in its current iteration, and if you are anywhere near Portland, Maine on Saturday, boy would your presence at the festival be welcome. We still need volunteers, even. For easy jobs.

Want to see this week’s flower orders? Because they are possibly the only thing keeping me sane right now.


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