Where Do I Start?

This is always the question, isn’t it? Where do I start? The last time I had a chance to sit down and write was over a month ago and I have been on the go every single day since then. In that time, every single daffodil that I planted has bloomed and mostly headed out the door. The tulips are coming on in beautiful waves and another batch heads out in a birthday bouquet tomorrow. Looks like they’ll all be wrapped up and sent to homes in the next 10 days. (If you’d like to reserve a bouquet, please send me an email at diademflowerco@gmail.com or call/text 503.459.8386.)

Tomorrow is the first day that I have no obligation on my schedule and I plan to enjoy it. I will start by sleeping until I wake up and then I’ll take it from there. Because I still have a million things on my to do list, but at least I get to stay home and tackle them.

We swore this year that we wouldn’t take on any new major projects after Hanz released his new album (it came out on April 30 and is absolutely gorgeous – check it out here). And we didn’t, really. Except one thing. We’re under contract for a 10 acre farm built in 1851 about 35 miles from Portland, Maine that will close at the end of June if all goes to plan. First response: So exciting! Second response (or first, if you are also a flower farmer): oh no…. June/July aren’t great months to move for a flower grower. So there’s a bit of a dance happening here. I wish I could be more silver lining-ish about it. Because I love the house, and the farm, and the future that we’ll be building there for us and for this company. But very simply, it’s the worst possible timing for the best possible thing to happen for this business. So. Deep breath.

Also, in 3 weeks, we host the 2nd Annual Little Sea Folk Festival right here in Portland, Maine. If you’re in town or know someone in town, we would love for you to join us. This festival is 100% volunteer produced. No one gets paid and just for fun, this year we weren’t awarded any grants to offset the cost. Hooray! So we’re really trying to hustle to get some folks to buy their tickets in advance. Kids aged 12 and under are admitted free of charge and there is a youth price for kids 13 – 18. Performances, workshops, demonstrations, talks, dance classes, sessions & jams and all sorts of things all happening on June 8 at the Woodford’s Congregational Church. You can see all the information at littleseafolkfestival.com. Volunteer positions are open for folks who’d like to save some money, and vendor spots are still open if you have something you’d like to sell!

Which brings us all back to the initial question. Where do I start? I start with a good night’s sleep. Then a cup of my husband’s hand roasted coffee. Then I get together all of my to-do lists and I create a massive hierarchy. A triage of sorts. And when that’s in order, I just start with the first thing. Just one thing at a time. For possibly the first time in my life.

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