Hi friends. In a last minute pivot, the Farm we were considering didn’t work out and my ranunculus are in the actual ground with no thanks to the 3 inches of wet, heavy snow that fell last week. With any luck we’re done with all that noise for the season, but even typing that feels like a challenge to mother nature. I know you’re wondering “but what about those 12 laundry baskets??” Never fear, I have officially started something like 400 more plants than I can fit on my property, so some of them will be planted in my makeshift crates and they’ll get plenty of use. For years. In the meantime here are a couple of quick updates from the farm (lower case f)!

I found buds on the first set of narcissus that came up – Daffodil Replete. The stems are very very short, but if I remember correctly, they continue to lengthen as the bud forms. It’ll be nice to have all of these notes and experiences to draw on for year 2 of daffs. Year one is always a bit of an awkward dance.

I started a mailing list if you’d like to hop on it. There are a few special events being cooked up, a flower subscription (have we mentioned this is an excellent Mother’s Day gift?), and there will be flash sales and special discounts shared with our subscribers.

In case you’re not a regular social media type, I’ve been participating in a month long exercise over on my Instagram and Facebook pages. A writing prompt a day for a month (it’s supposed to happen in March, but that month flew past me in a whirlwind, so April it is). It’s been a challenge some days, but I think that’s a sign that I’m refining my ideas and plans as I write.

One more thing. And I could end up making a bunch of people angry over here right now, I know. Because what do I know? I’m only new. Or am I.

There’s been something on my mind a lot the last few months and I’m still struggling to articulate it well. I’ll try again, as I know I’ve started to write about this before. It has to do with the poison of entitlement and our responsibilities in service of the customer. Healthy boundaries are key, and being clear and articulate about boundaries is our responsibility. But, it’s not a client’s responsibility to know how we do our jobs every single day. It’s ours. Irritation or resentment or frustration are all natural responses to a miscommunication or a misunderstanding. But that is on us. There’s a great designer and speaker, Mike Monteiro. He and his partner Erika Hall run Mule Design. I listened to a lot of Mike’s podcast episodes while I was working on client driven graphic design and branding projects. And it always came back to the same thing. It’s not their job to know how you do yours. It’s your job to advocate for what you need to be successful and to educate educate educate along the way. A bride, with any luck, does this ONCE. And she’s excited to do it. And she’s coming to you because you make gorgeous beautiful wonderful things and she wants her wedding to be full of gorgeous beautiful wonderful things that you make. Getting annoyed with her for wanting that, or not having a ton of money, or not understanding every little nuance of the industry is on you, my friend. Not on her. And it’s not a good look.

Be here to help.

Be kind.

Communicate clearly.

Set everyone up to succeed.


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