Spring Fever…

…or is it just a regular fever.

I’m sad to report that I managed to get whatever filthy illness is running around the first grade and it has set me back a bit. I was doing okay, honestly. Made it through a few concerts last week for the Patrick’s Day holiday, and was feeling like I’d really nipped it in the bud. And then I woke up this morning and felt like I’d been hit with a cast iron pan. Stay home day for me. Thankfully, I am under the watchful eye of my two hilarious cats and my one hilarious husband so I have everything I need. And lots of chicken stock in the freezer.

The weather seems to have broken in Maine and we’re in what we like to refer to as False Spring. We’ll likely get one or two more little snow storms before winter lets go entirely, but we get these “warm” days of 42 – 45 degrees and WAHOO EVERYONE LET’S GET OUT OUR SHORTS. There’s always that one guy…

I was feeling a little burst of energy so I put together the closest thing I’m going to get to a greenhouse until we move to a farm. It doesn’t look like much, but it is a 600% increase in “greenhouse” space than I currently have with my one little zip up rack. Just being out there breathing fresh air and feeling the heat being generated inspires a little extra excitement about what’s coming. Beautiful blooms will find their footing in there as they get ready to go into the ground, just as I’m finding my own footing.

I have a few specific goals this year, and they keep coming more into focus as I work and think and learn about them. A better success rate for tricky flowers is one. Developing relationships with other designers and growers is another (very hard one for me). Finding a farm (my dream farm belongs to someone else now). Cultivating a presence and a quiet confidence as a floral designer is a big one. I took a step toward that today, possibly foolishly, by setting up a Wedding Wire storefront. Boy, if you ever want to feel like a complete fraud and a joke, go ahead and tell everyone on the planet that you are a floral designer right next to where incredible designers who have been doing it a lot longer and with real training are also saying so. That’ll do your head in. But look. You have to start somewhere. And I am presenting myself honestly. I am open to talk to anyone who needs flowers who might have a different set of requirements, or a limited budget, or is excited about supporting hyper local flowers and design. I know my limitations, but I also know my strengths and I’d love to help people make some stuff happen!

I’m going to climb in bed now and hope that tomorrow morning is a little more Spring and a little less fever.

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