Snow Day #47

I’ll admit to feeling joy when I got the call from the school district this morning that said school was canceled. I think I’ve mentioned before that I spend some of my time working in the public schools as a one-on-one Ed Tech for kids who need a little extra attention. I have a little buddy at school that I’ve been working with for a few months and I love this kid so much. He is so smart and clever and makes it his personal goal to be one step ahead of me with his strategies to get out of doing any kind of work at all. So I think we’re both enjoying the day off from those patterns today.

But it’s also giving me a chance to get caught up on some seeding and quote work and continuing to sort through some pretty heavy thoughts about experience.

As you know if you’ve been reading these posts or looked through The Story of this little flower farm, several different paths have gotten me to this point in my life. It could easily be confused with flakiness, if read a certain way, and at my darkest, I go there too with negative self talk about never following through or never achieving mastery of one thing before moving on to the next. But in thinking about soil structure a lot the last few weeks, I’ve come to realize it’s more akin to layers than anything. Each layer builds on the one before and allows the seed and root system the kind of nutrition and structure necessary to thrive. My training and work as an actor informs my ability to teach which informed my ability to work as an Executive Assistant which informs my ability to work with clients as I make their wedding gowns and accessories (learning to sew from my mom didn’t hurt either). My work as a musician and festival director informs my ability to understand event management and organization and best serve the planners and wonderful brides and grooms that hire me to create for their weddings.

I guess all of this is just to say that the roads I have walked to get to where I am have been immensely valuable and not at all the detours that they are often perceived to be. I’m not arriving at my road at the age of 43. I have been on it all along. And it turns and bends and there are hills and valleys along the way. It has been beautiful and unrecognizably scary at different points. And there’s more to come. As we look for a farm, as I shift away from touring as much as I have been, as I learn to advocate for what today needs and not what worked 3 years ago or what next year might require.

One more quick thing. I have some real, identified, significant goals identified for this next year. If I could ask your help in achieving them, I’d really appreciate it. If you know of anyone who is looking for affordable wedding or event flowers as I begin to build a proper portfolio, please send them my way. Cafes, restaurants, offices, or anywhere that would like locally grown blooms for their space – I am officially submitting myself for consideration. If you have kids and they have teachers, I know for sure that they would absolutely love some flowers grown right down the road, and I have them for you. And lastly, if you know of any retail space that would like a bucket or two of locally grown bouquets to sell alongside their own wares, I would love to know about it. I keep reading from those with more experience in this industry that it goes slow and it requires a community.

So here I am, humbly but confidently asking for you to be my community.

Now to start potting up dahlias for propagation!

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