Can I come home now?

I am incredibly fortunate in so many ways. I travel the world for my job and that includes returning to my two favorite places on the planet at least once a year – Japan and Ireland. I am writing to you from West Kerry just now on a perfectly typical winter day, meaning it is wildly windy and the patches of beautiful sun and intense downpour are alternating at about 40 minute intervals. I’ve had a morning in today doing what I do best in the winter, learning from all of the incredibly generous souls who put content on the internet for those of us making a massive shift in career with absolutely no money to invest in it! I’ll clean up and go out into the day in a little bit and let the wind blow fear and self doubt or self consciousness out of me a bit more. It never gets all of them out, but it sets them against a backdrop of wildness and strength and they retake their place in the back of things instead of in the front.

It really is the most beautiful place on earth, but I’m ready to be home now, at least to get things started and really planned out before we head out on tour for a couple of weeks of February. There are tubers to check and divide, there are corms to soak and presprout, slow seeds to start, low tunnels to build (learned that one this week), silk to dye (learned a new trick there too and am SO. EXCITED. to try it), bulbs to check, a new sweet pea bed to dig (once I can get a little melt forced with some black weed cloth). I’m sure there are a million other things too, but these are the ones nagging at me as I stare out onto this breathtaking landscape with lazy cups of tea and blogs this week. And I am nervous about/looking forward to the Flowering in the North conference at the end of January.

It looks like I’ll be working on two weddings this autumn, which makes me ridiculously happy. I’ve started to refine my aesthetic a little bit and develop some learning goals with regard to arranging and color and empty space and art. Mood boards are still something that evokes my former sorority days so I’ll just say that I’ve been enjoying curating collections of other people’s gorgeous work from which I’m getting a great deal of inspiration and confidence. You can see those over on Pinterest if you’re around there.

And just one more quick note of gratitude to the people who helped me along the way this week without knowing they did. Thank you to Emily at Fleuropean and to the ladies of The Botanical Brouhaha for interviewing her. Thank you to the nice lady on YouTube to filmed herself making a great low hoop. Thank you to Chef Trevis Gleason for handing me a fresh Bay leaf to chew when I asked what their real purpose in cooking was and letting me answer my own question. Thank you to Kalin at Sweetwater Floral for the reminder that stuff takes time and also for being the kind of person I would like to hang out with. Essentially we’re best friends but she doesn’t know me and it’s not weird don’t worry about it.

There are more, but it’ll give me something to write about when I get home. Slán, friends. See you in Maine!

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