a new step

What a week! We’re home now, thank goodness, and it’s only taken about a week to shake the jet-lag that seems to get worse every time we travel.  Still, I’m glad to see the world as often as I get the chance.

I’ve started dipping my toe into the waters again, bridally-speaking, and it’s worth mentioning that there are equal parts fear and excitement in even acknowledging that. I will be 43 in two months and sometimes it can feel a little stupid to be starting something over at this age, but my better self knows that’s just fear talking and any idea of a timer is self-imposed. So this week I hand dyed three different batches of raw silk just to get a sense of how the fabric behaves and how the dyes will look.  I think they are pretty beautiful, and while I’ll ultimately aim for a much more muted palette, the burst of color on these sunny mornings has been really welcome!  I’ll show you.

I’m going to get these beauties ironed out and wrapped up and then I’ll list them on the shop.  Which I’d love for you to see if you have a moment.  Click here and it’ll take you to a collection of bridal accessories that I’ve been making for wonderful brides for over a decade now!

While you’re there, maybe you’ll consider getting a gift card for a friend or loved one.  Personally grown or responsibly (read: locally) sourced flowers are a pretty wonderful present, and a gift card allows the recipient to choose when she or he (men like flowers too!) would like to have them.  Gift cards also work for any of the items in the shop, and for design or consulting services as well.  If you have any questions at all, you can email me at diademflowerco@gmail.com and we’ll get you all sorted out.

diadem flower co. gift cards make a wonderful holiday gift!

We’re just a few weeks from the paperwhites being ready and daffodils, tulips, and more are not far behind that! Looking forward to being back in flowers again very soon with all of you.

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