practical winter

There’s a time for dreaming and planning and then there is a time for leaping and feeling scared and doing it anyway.  I keep finding myself here, everywhere I look in my life.  I’d give a dismissive shrug, but it’s more like a shrug of acceptance while we all just get on with getting on with it.

There are so many courses, online trainings, and workshops that I would love to take. As the business grows, you can be sure I will be doing some if not all of those, but most of them are pretty far outside the financial possibilities of this little side hustle (<— me, using a younger, hipper person’s word).  But today I registered for one that is a little more attainable to me and while I am absolutely terrified to go do it, I think it’s a good first step.

I’m sitting in the SkyClub in Detroit on a 5 hour layover during our return flight from Japan and I can barely think to tell you about what I have in mind for this year.  But I have been taking notes and making lists and as soon as I have a clear thought in a day or two, I’ll share them here and on social media.  I’m working on a pre-paid bouquet punch card, a few holiday wreath offerings, some textiles, and a few more things, but if I tried to explain them all now, it would be a disaster.

Thanks for keeping me company while I try to stay awake for 20 more minutes until I board this plane!

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