the hourglass flip

I know that the summer solstice was months ago, and that we’re still two months from the winter solstice, but this time of year always feels to me like the flip of the hourglass, or the little timer in the board game Boggle.  It’s a full glass of sand that has to fall before we get workable daylight and temperatures again.  It’s hard to wait, but there’s plenty to do and to learn in the meantime.

Last year’s winter focus was learning about seed starting, planting, growing, and harvesting.  There’s plenty more to learn on that front and I’m already getting a head start on some of it now.  But this winter my focus is going to be on floral design and special event work.  I have designed and created (with the help of my sisters) flowers for 3 weddings in the early 2000s – my own, my friend Siri’s, and my cousin Tricia’s.  Looking back on those, it is miraculous that any of the flowers managed to live through the day!  Nothing was conditioned, the mechanics were all wrong, and I knew less than nothing about floral work.  But luck and very fresh flowers from the wholesaler (formerly?) on Fairview in Seattle saw all of us through.  Remember the days of binders full of magazine clippings for inspiration.  I probably could go find mine in my office right now if I wanted to.  I loved putting those together!

There’s something to be said for stating intention openly.  So here we have it.  This year I’d like to design the flowers for a few weddings or special events.  And now we leave it to the universe and get back to digging and turning beds to get roughly 1000 bulbs in the ground before I leave for Japan for the entire month of November!


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