the last breath of autumn

For two more glorious days, it’s open window weather here and I’m planning on enjoying every single bit of it.  Winter comes around real quick and I know there are days of cold hands digging dahlia tubers and planting bulbs that will be here soon enough so I hope you’ll forgive me the indulgence of a little bit of laziness today and tomorrow.

The list is getting incrementally shorter, which feels like progress.  It’s not pretty out there yet, because the mulch chips haven’t arrived and I haven’t cleaned up the edges, but a couple of big projects are done and it feels like movement.

Four beds were constructed and two were relocated from the side of the house.  That will all get weed clothed and mulched in before winter, and we’ve been burying bits of fungus covered trees that we’ve been excavating out of the swamp that sits next to the property.

There was a certain paralysis in Spring when I didn’t quite know what to do or when to get things in the ground, and there were seedlings all over the place and I just had to bite the bullet and throw them in the ground with false confidence and a prayer.  This first autumn feels like that too.  I’ll do what I’ve read and seen on video that I’m supposed to do, but I’m looking forward to it being done. I need a bit of space and time to assess everything and turn it all over in my head.  Much like moving, once you’ve lived in the new place for a full calendar year, you know what it all looks like and you can better prepare for each following year.  This little operation is similar.  It went from baby steps to a full sprint and I’m looking forward to settling into a walking pace for a couple of months and getting the adjustments to the plan firmly in my head.

Until then, there are dahlias, zinnias, chocolate cosmos, and what looks to be a bumper crop of snapdragons about to bloom.  I’m off to the south for a week of touring on Friday, but feel free to be in touch if you need anything. Sadie or I will be able to tell you what we have going out there!

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