autumnal malaise

good morning.

This morning I woke up rotten sick from last weekend’s unfortunate travel experience and I think when you’re sick, everything feels a little bit more dire.  I should say when *I* am sick, everything feels a little bit more dire.  More fragile.  I’m noticing the light changing today, and looking around at the inevitable powdery mildew that hits the cucumbers every autumn (this endless humidity and rain has been no help on that front), signaling the end of one season fast approaching and the beginning of the next.  While actual autumn is still a couple of weeks away, I am already looking ahead and trying to figure out how to convert space and solve problems as we head into another winter.  I guess every grower has to be in two places at once – where you are and planning for what’s next.

Tower Chamois China Asters and Appleblossom Snapdragons are blooming now and are seriously some of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.  Every time a new varietal blooms on this property, I say to myself “I am growing 3 times as much of this next year.”  And I just might.  Part of my plan for the next few weeks is to get out a drawing of the property now that I know what grows best where, and maximize how it’s all being used.  I bet I could get a lot more in there…

Another two things I’ve been thinking about are a CSA program next year, every couple of weeks or so.  I’ll be doing bulbs (narcissus, tulip, allium, hyacinth) in the spring and annuals in the summer and autumn again.  A limited program of bouquets of locally grown, specialty cut flowers every two weeks or so for a certain amount of time.  I’ll keep tossing it around.  I’ll also keep tossing around the idea of finding someone in the neighborhood who wants to let me farm their unused lawn space in exchange for a bouquet of flowers as often as I have them. My property is limited by both size and sun exposure with two 90 year old maples blocking out lots of sunshine opportunities.  But those trees are family so we’ll leave them as long as they are healthy.  I’ll just have to be more creative!

That’s my rambling for this morning.

If you want to hear the new album, it can be found at and for those of you in Maine, we’re playing a CD Release concert at Frontier in Brunswick on August 24.  Limited seating so get yours in advance for a night of Irish music and more!

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