making the most of a tiny space

At this very moment, I am hiding inside my office with an air conditioner running trying to deal with the wretched humidity we’re having in Portland, Maine this last few weeks.  I got out into the garden this morning to do some weeding and harvesting and got a good look at the dahlias that are so close to just letting everything hang out.  If we can hold off with the rain for a few days the dahlias, zinnias, cosmos, tower chamois asters, and so much more will go nuts.  I’m not complaining for not having to water, I’m just ready to have more than one bouquet of flowers every two days!

I’ve been lucky though.  Every two days, I get a message from someone who wants a bouquet of flowers and I’m thrilled to have the chance to share them around!  If business picks up, who knows what will have to happen.

Which got me thinking.  My little land here can be used more efficiently I think. I have a better understanding of where the best sun for each kind of plant is.  I have strange patches of morning shade and beating afternoon sun in some spots, I have dappled sun in others, I have gorgeous morning sun and afternoon shade in yet others.  I’m going to shuffle around a little bit next season and see if I can work with the property instead of against it!  I’m considering seeing if there area any folks in the neighborhood who would let me plant some of their unused yards in exchange for weekly bouquets of flowers and herbs.  We’ll see though.  That might be a bit much vulnerability for me.  I don’t mind screwing up my own yard.  It would be mortifying to screw up someone else’s!

Since I have a day inside in this weather, I guess I’ll get to work on the new album that comes out on August 24.  Advanced digital copies went out around the world last week and pre-orders are available at if you’d like to hear or order a copy.

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