special delivery

Over the last couple of days, a bunch of really encouraging messages have come in from kind strangers all over Portland, Maine in response to a note I left on a community board app.  In the note, I introduced myself and explained a tiny bit about what Hanz and I are doing here on our little postage stamp property.  I also said that I’d be happy to deliver flowers around Portland or further and to shoot me a message if you had any need for locally grown flowers.

And people did!

A last minute call for a bouquet today had me scrambling a tiny bit, but we did it.  And there’s another custom delivery scheduled for Tuesday.  I guess this is the “what if it works” part I was talking about earlier…

Now to remember how to breathe through the self doubt.  It’ll be nice to put that down eventually.  It’s hogging up armspace meant for flowers.  But for now I’ll be patient and meet myself where I am.


Here’s a really quick snapshot of today’s delivery.  Dahlias, Cosmos, Zinnias, Coreopsis, Calendula, Lace Flower, Oregano, Sage, Parsley, Phlox, Strawflower, Nicotiana, and my first Sahara Rudbeckia.
Neurotic cat included for scale. Also because she wouldn’t move.

This beauty is absolutely going in Tuesday’s bouquet.  The customer said she loves dahlias and I can think of no better dahlia than Hamari Gold!

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