open for business

just a quick note here and then I have to get back out there.  Yesterday I put out my first little bouquets of flowers – the last of the sweet peas that have been growing for the last few weeks, but I haven’t had a moment to actually sell because I run a folk festival in Portland, Maine that perfectly coincided with bloom time.  Note to self: solve that problem for 2019.

not. one. sold.

honestly, I didn’t expect any to.  It’s a tiny stand in front of my house and the weather has been so nice that everyone is at the beach.  Maine is vacationland after all!

but today, as I came around the house to turn off the water to the lower beds, I saw one bunch missing and there was cash in the box.  It made me so happy that someone loved those flowers enough to take them home.

so we’re open for business.  60 Warwick Street in Portland, Maine.  You can always check Instagram to find out if there are flowers out and things are just getting going in the rows, so there will be some beautiful blooms out for the rest of the summer.  let me know if you’re coming by and I’ll try to say hello!


  • carin lyons

    Ahhh, welcome to the flower garden club. Such loveliness! You could sell cards of your flower photos too! Glad to see gardening is restorative to you. Sweet peas! Lilacs! And on and on….blessings to your garden. Enjoy 🙂

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