against forgetting

I guess it’s good to keep a record like this blog and the associated instagram account.  Part of it feels a little self-indulgent, considering that it is absolutely possible that I will not have anything to show for it this year as I bump and bash my way through the process.  Building a market relies on a product after all!  But. Humans have been keeping record of their lives for millennia, and for a very good reason: we forget.

We forget so easily that our kids (or kittens) were small, we forget the conversation that really mattered at the time it happened, the favorite pair of shorts, or recipe for a loved one’s favorite dish.  In this instance, we forget that just a few weeks ago there was still snow in places, that there was no drip irrigation down, that there was no lower bed, that there was certainly nothing but a bunch of leggy, improbable sweet peas planted in a corner of the bed that might get sunshine but the most water too, and that they got fried by an unexpected heat wave that caught me totally unprepared.  Today I did the weeding and planted out some Asters and Rudbeckia to keep company with the Zinnia, Chocolate Laceflower, Phlox, Yarrow, and Nicotiana that was already out there with the Survivor Ranunculus.  And I just caught a look at a photo I took 3 weeks ago when the compost was delivered.  The sweet peas were so small and scared looking.  Or was that me…

In any case, we keep these records because we forget. We forget where we put the cultivator, we forget where we planted the paperwhites that spent themselves in the hope of getting them to come back in a few years, we forget that when we bought this house, it was only surrounded by sad lumpy grass and unkempt shrubs and so much knotweed.  We forget how far we’ve come because we can only see how far we have left to go.

Thanks for bearing witness to this…. whatever it is.

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