the hard way

Every day I go outside and marvel at the changes that 24 hours brings.  I know I miss so much of it, but what I am seeing is remarkable.  A whole pile of seedlings are outside in their trays and cups and recycled containers (because I am that lady) getting used to the brisk air of a Maine spring and more are in the nursery still just getting used to life outside the seed or tuber.

Today was a difficult day in my “real job” as a musician and music presenter. Hard days in that part of my life drive me back to the garden to work it all out in the dirt with podcasts and the smell of soil and green surrounding me.  Tomorrow I’ll be there, leaving it all in the ground again.  Irrigation will go in to a new field that my partner and I converted from lawn with our good friend over the weekend.  I go out and look at it with my coffee most days and try to imagine it teeming with lace flower, dahlias, cosmos, zinnias, yarrow, nicotiana, phlox, bells of ireland, and all of the other wonderful plants getting their footing.  Tomorrow I’ll get closer to that.  Compost that hadn’t quite finished composting has killed about a third of my sprouting ranunculus.  Rookie mistake there.  I’ll amend that area with more soil and hope to nurse a few of them back.  And if all goes well, I’ll get some actual plants in the ground as long as the sun isn’t beating down on the poor things.

Here’s a picture of them before they fried.  So green and healthy…

But look, it’s all pretty great still.  Things are growing and color is everywhere, and I keep finding things that make me excited for harvest season.  I’m just putting the extra slow in slow flowers.  Hang in there with me, and we’re going to have a beautiful summer.

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